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Earning Money May or May Not Require Skills

Making money isn’t an unfamiliar topic that people talk about. There are many ways to make money, and over the years you must have heard many of the methods. Nowadays making money online seems a popular topic and is becoming more than a new trend where people talk about more and more. The first aspect of making money online is that your work would base from your home office.

Let’s start with some examples.

First example

If you’re good at writing and curating information other sources, start a blog and write. This is a continuous process and the idea behind is to build traffic i.e. A regular audience base for your blog. When you worry about how your blog is going to make money, don’t worry. On your blog’s pages, add Google AdSense ads.

AdSense is Google’s display ad network. It’s easy to sign up. Once you’re sign up, grab the banner format and codes that you want to display on your blog’s pages. Add the codes to your blog. In the next hour your AdSense ads should start showing up on your blog.

When people visit your blog’s pages and start clicking on the ads, you’ll start earning cash from Google.

Second example

If you have some technical skills such as website design, sign up on Upwork. It’s a website where you can put your skill up there and potential get clients for your work.

Third example

If you’ve no specialized skill, you can still do work from home. On Slicethepie, you can listen to new music from many different artists, and earn cash for doing that.

What about the old ways?

Traditional or old ways of money making methods still work well today. Whether it is the traditional ways or the new ways of methods that you have chosen to use, as long as it works, why not?

Some examples are:

  • Sell your old phone or phones.
  • Babysit your neighbor’s 5 year old kid for an evening, or walk their dogs in the evening.
  • Offer to cut the grass of your neighbor’s lawn.
  • Dig out your old or unused clothes from your closet, and sell them.
  • Pick up the old academic text books (that you will never used again) from your bookshelves, and sell them.
  • Post a message (or ad) on Craigslist, there you tell people what you’re offering. Depends on the skill you can provide. Maybe you can fix someone’s roof, or fix somebody’s leaking pipes.


To make money online continuously with a more stable income stream, it may require more skills and knowledge. If you have such skills, you’re up for it.

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