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Trademark Services and Particulars Bridged With Bonamark Competence

Bonamark is a trusted name when it comes to the trademark registration and other intricate details related to Trademark registration. From a Trademark search to a Trademark establishment, the company provides every step to a proper guided setup of trademark.

Bonamark Trademark Service is especially known for its flexibility, wide spread dissemination to 150+ countries and its simple online amenities. Let us know each service category in details.

Trademark Search– This is a preliminary service and is optional. There are 2 kinds of search related to trademarks.  One is a “Knock-out Search” (Basic search) and the other is “Full Search”(Extensive search). A knock out search is a preliminary search of the Trademark database for identical or similar marks. Full search is a comprehensive search to find out the exactness of the Trademark as required by the clients. At Bonamark, the basic search free and the extensive search comes with a minimum price to enrich exact efficacy.

World class Attorneys– Best attorneys are given the job to execute the given job at its imperial best. They are highly classified and expertise in solving the intricate most trademark related complication.  

Trademark Registration– Registrations are made easy with Bonamark even internationally. Trademark registering on a worldwide balance is critical in shielding a client’s intellectual material goods from voracious corrupts located in foreign advertises. The process starts with filling out of a form which is the introductory requirement. The countries are then required to be selected and then the rest is left with Bonamark to complete the registration process.

Trademark Watch– When the trade involves working with International markets, it is crucial to keep a watchful eye and monitor the registered trademark on a regular basis. International trademarks are treated with same level of legitimacy as that of that local equivalent but to keep a watchful eye gets really difficult in the long run. At Bonamark, there are monthly reports on all intercontinental illustrations of a client’s trademark that are being unlawfully developed, and it also includes a list of commended arrangements as a remedial measure of the situation.

These are the primary services and the other services offered along with this are:-

  • Change of address
  • Response to complaints
  • Domain Services
  • Localization of website

Bonamark Trademark Service is specialized in doing the best class Trademark related services and at an extremely competitive rate. Catering over 150 countries, the service level has touched a new altitude with its effectiveness.

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