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What can you achieve from blog directory submission?

As per the Wikipedia, blog directories are huge databases where websites are listed on category and subcategory basis. The doesn’t take individual pages or posts; rather they take the submitted whole website in one category or niche. As an example, suppose you are blogging niches are used for your blog, and you also write some articles on social media, your blog will be arranged on the basis of the blogging niche.

Are blog directories free to enrol?

Most of them are free, and you can blog in them, whereas a few are paid ones.

The benefits of directory submission

When you make directory submission, not only your circle is going to read your blog, but your blog will be visible to a wider section. So, let’s look at the different benefits of directory submission:

  • You get quality and authentic backlink: Blog directories are supervised manually. So, if there are any wrong submissions, they will be removed right then. The backlinks will be spam free. So, directories are great potential in building SEO backlinks.
  • You get huge exposure: Your blog exists because you have a number of audiences. Your audience is mainly based on the region you live in, but directory submission helps you to be known from anywhere in the world. In any search, if a query is asked related to the subject matter of your writing, it’s going to show up.
  • Opportunities for the paid post: Lots of directories are very active, such as Australian blog and directory, and very popular. The blogs submitted in those directories are quality blogs, and you have a good chance that you get to write sponsored reviews or advertisement banners on your blogs.
  • Your overall earning from blogs increases: If you go on submitting your blogs on directories, the chances are that you get review requests. Also, as your blog can be searched from anywhere, you are going to get a wider range of audiences. This means your earnings are increasing.

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